Sleep depravation/ sleep drop episodes

I wondered if anyone with first stage Parkinsons as experienced sleep disorders or Night time issues I realise sleep problems are part of Parkinsons but i have been experiencing bizarre episodes from sleep walking in the early hrs and waking up standing up in another room. I have also been exoerincing what i can only call Drop sleep it only happens at night ususalyy when i have been deprived of sleep for a fe days I get so exausted that i litrally fall asleep standing up my body drops like i have fainted
(lost concuosness) but i wake up and stop myself hitting the floor but failed on a few occasssions. I can be working on my laptop and suddenly no warning sleep head dropped banged on table. I seemed to catch up with sleep in the day which probally doent help I am only taking Stalevo which looking at side effects can cause sudden sleep I would appreciate anyone/info if anne else exepeincing this bizzare behaviou

Hi @Dave23,

Sleeping problems can be common with some people affected by Parkinson’s. I know this has been spoken about on the forum frequently and I’ve listed a few threads on the forum below that you may find helpful:

Have you seen our website page on sleep and Parkinson’s? You can read more here:

I’m sure you’ll hear from other members soon, however, I thought I’d chime in with some information in the meantime.

Best wishes,