Sleeping problems

Does any one else have this problem ?

I go to bed at about midnight but can't sleep , so I get up and return to bed about an hour later but can't sleep so I get up again and this process is on going until dawn until i eventually fall asleep until around 9am.This has been going on for the last few months but I have been unable to  break the cycle. I have tried sleeping tablets but they don't help.

Does anyone any suggestions? 






I go through phases of sleeping well to sleeplessness. I have discovered that getting out of bed makes the situation worse for me. I awaken more and going back to sleep is nigh on impossible. I have tried sleeping tablets but they were not really helping and I felt very groggy. Herbal tablets help me as they seem to make the relaxation before bedtime easier.

I find relaxing music played so as I can just hear it when I go to bed , if you use the same music every night after a day or two you don't notice it anymore but it seems to work best then , maybe it entertains the subconscious or something but it works for me and others Iv suggested it to have also said it helps so might be of some help to you . 


   Live well. Cc

Hi MAR333,

I'm sorry to read about your sleep problems. It must be so frustrating for you.

Please feel free to have a look here: & It's some information about sleep problems, which you might find useful.

I hope you will soon be able to break the cycle.

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team). 

What time do you take your pd meds at night as if you are taking them lets say 9pm go to bed 10pm you will find it hard to sleep as your pd meds take 30mins to start working and your brain will be so alert and awake for next 3hrs even more. I would suggest taking them 8pm go to bed say 10.30pm or 11 ish.and if you are on cr tablets take these bedtime. Amitripyline are for nerve pain and also help sleep.or zopiclone sleeping tablets.

Thankyou all for your help .and suggestions .