Sorry to be a nuisance

Hi sorry to be a nuisance! I was diagnosed just 2 months ago and I'm Co Careldopa! Generally I feel a lot better but one thing is I am really bad with anxiety! I'm not sure if it's stage PD or Meds! But it's really affecting me to the extent I'm struggling in public situations! Is this normal? As I say sorry to be a pain 

Kind a Regards 

Hi Edinburughman

   Welcome to the forum , there is no need to apologise for asking a question on the forum as that's what we are all here for, we are all looking for answers even if we don't always know the question !

I was dx about 2 years ago and have had symptoms about 5 years before that, the trouble is no two of us are the same and what works for one may not help others, I don't know if you have a Parkinsons nurse yet if not find out from your gp surgery or Hospital and have a chat them about your anxiety or you can ring the help line above and talk someone there,  

We all go through anxiety and a whole range of emotions when we are first dx and it can take quite a while to come around to the fact of living with Parkinsons, it's good that your meds are working but it can take time to get them totally right and for you to get used to there foibles LOL

   Must go now as Iv started to waffle on a bit 

   Ask all you want as if you don't you'll never know. Lol

   Live well.  Cc

Hi Edinburghman and welcome to the forum,

As Cheshire Cat said, this is the perfect place to come and ask questions from other people living with Parkinson's - both people diagnosed with Parkinson's and their carers. You will find the Parkinson's UK forum is a lovely and supportive community, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns and ask away, as it's very likely that others have been in a similar situation and can help you.

Anxiety is not uncommon in people with Parkinson's and we have an Anxiety and Parkinson's information sheet that you might find useful. It explains how it affects people with Parkinson's and what you can do to manage and treat it.

I'm sure you'll get more responses from others who have been through this and can share their experience with you, but if you need to talk you can always call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 between 9am and 7pm on weekdays and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. We are here to help you in any way we can, including giving information and advice, and also emotional support, so do give us a call whenever you need to.

Best wishes,

(Moderation team)

Hello Edinburgh man

When you say you struggle in public situations, is that when you are in a crowd? I go to London to visit family and I have to write instructions to myself about how to get there and follow them in a list because I can't just go and function in a crowd on the underground. If I get there and there is a problem on the line so that I need to change route, it throws me completely and that is despite living in London for 40 years. Advance planning and having it all written down is the only thing that helps me.

best of luck


Thanks for all the reply's 

Mosie that's exactly it! It's when there is a lot of people! I was in a multi storey car park in Edinburgh and for 10 minutes I didn't know where I was! The panic set in after I phoned my partner she talked me through it!! I was ok! Thank you for sharing with me! Writing things down might be the way to go!! 

Kind Regards 


Welcome you Edinburghman. ....yep we are a friendly bunch and someone is always around if you need a chat. You are certainly not a nuisance, don't ever think that matey.  We are all in the same boat though we do not all have the same symptoms, but we all understand what each other is going through. Like yourself i sometimes get the anxiety, why? is it the meds or the Parky causing it? I always carry a little bottle of Bachs Rescue remedy in my bag, from the chemist or health shop, and just pop a few drops on my tongue when needed. I find it helpful, but maybe it is because i believe in it.....who knows but maybe worth a try ay?

My Husband was born in Edinburgh, Simpson maternity hospital though his family moved to the south when he was 4 months old. i have never visited there but i believe it is a beautiful city.

i digress sorry......keep posting and i hope you find the forum helpful

Best wishes


Hi Dollymaz

Just reading your post reminded me of Bachs Rescue Remedy which I'd forgotten about. I used to use that many  years ago.  Thank you for that. 


Hi, I have just recently been diagnosed with PD although showing symptoms of slowness for past 18mths. \i am taking L-Dopa and experienced drop in BP and bouts of flushing blurred vision too.

Ah  yes  BachsRescueRemedy,, (what the ????  was it and  where  can    I  BUY IT,  more  like,  as my panic and anxiety dept of  whats  left  of  my  brain goes hyper  if  I step  outside,  the  effect  on  my  food  digestion  and  assimiltion  is  instant  so  a loo  every  27ft  3  inches  is  part  of  my  itenary   if  venturing  further  is  necessary,  so  you have my  sympathy  Ed,,,  but  I dont know  how to  stop  it ,, it  even  occurs  in  bed and  manifests  itself  in  my  dreams.

                       Good Luck  FED

I Also use rescue remedy

plus I have a notebook to write in and I write a blog

i have always been very anxious, all my life

now I have P and have to work really hard to deal with the anxiety feelings 



My anxiety  comes mostly when I wake up.It comes in excessive worry over things that usally dont bother me when Im awake.I do have a good idea of what is amiff.Sinemet is known to cause a false sense of security.So  when we wake off usally "off"our false sense of security "is wore off.

What i do is say silently,it aint my thoughts or issues its PD.LOL Lol Lol

We all are depressed in the good sense our responses are slower which tends to give way to alot of concern..

We all have to excuse ourselves as being far from perfect

So save a hearty laugh when anxiety comes,it does help,belive me.

Best to all of you 

a yank


Hi Fed and all....I have found that SAVERS sells Bach Rescue remedy for £2.99 compared with £7.99 or 3 for 2  in Boots and £7.99 in Superdrug, also Tescos are selling it at the moment for £6 or 3 for 2

Always worth keeping a small bottle in your pocket for those not so good times. 

Hope it helps you matey

Dolly x

Hi dolly, thanks very much for that. Will try and get some. Sue x

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Hi lexi

i hope you coping ok.


yes I use rescue remedy too 


do do you still use the mindfulness?



Thanks Dolly


i bought the Boots 3 for 2 but I will try Savers when I need more

Hello donkey,

although it was many years ago I did the sessions for mindfullness , it still comes in useful at times of taught me to handle things in a better way. I'm not very good at taking time to relax though! 

Al the best,  sue

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Keeeeeeeeeep rockin me old mate

Dolly x

Hi Sue

i am not good at relaxing and have a lot of anxiety 

but I do like reading.

Best regards



Reading is good therapy as you lose yourself in the story. I like a book that keeps your attention from start to end otherwise I get bored with it. Might have to resort to reading if the TVs is rubbish! 

Have a good weekend Vicky.