I have recently started taking Stalevo 100 x 25x 200.
Stalevo seems to take a long time for me to feel good in the morning?
What other medications do Stalevo users take to accelerate the down period to feeling normal?
As soon as I have reached “normal” the Stalevo works perfectly for me for the rest of the day?
It’s getting from waking up non medicated to taking my Stalevo and getting medicated enough to function that is my problem?

My husband takes two Madopar ( Co beneldopa) dispersible tablets first thing before trying to get up, , which gets him going, and he then starts on the Stalevo. Does seem to help.
Regards, Pippa

Hi Tony
Went on stalevo about 4 months ago switched from sinemet, lot of problems at first, just now beginning to feel I’m getting there, felt really off in mornings especially when getting up still think it need another slight adjustment doctor is ringing me on Thursday increased my tablet strength about 4 weeks ago to see if i improved better, and yes my mobility has ,tho still have my moments, stalevo 4 times a day 150mg ,also patch every morning neurpro 8mg , and slow release sinemet one at night, ,i find timing is crucial, find if i take my first tablet 20 mins before i get up ,i have a hot water and a black coffee and do my leg exercises before i attempt to get up is so much better, then space my tabs around 4 hours apart ,seems to be working good at min good luck Laney :slight_smile:

My Mum takes Stalevo too. I find that after taking her medications from the first dose at around 6am until around 2 - 2.30 every single day she is unable to enjoy anything because she is shaking too much, weak, etc. In the afternoon she ‘‘wakes up’’ and is able to move around a bit, think and communicate well with me and anyone who telephones, well into the late evening - usually around 9 - 10.30pm - but although she goes to bed she can’t sleep until late. Then the whole thing begins again. The Parkinson’s nurse has told me that this is usual for most PD patients. Mum has got used to feeling like this and I take appropriate steps to ensure I get enough rest/do the housework and cook all within her ‘‘off time’’. I find that my Mum is quite insecure and wants me near her at all times when she is functioning normally so we have turned our day around to suit the medication, the disease and Mum so that we can get everything done. This works for us because Mum is less stressed out by old traditional ‘habits’ (like bed-times or alarm clocks) and anyway, she now has slight dementia unfortunately so time just complicates her day if we stick too rigidly to routines.

I take 4 stalevo during the day at 0730, 1000, 1400 and 1800. I also take 2 Madopar slow release tablets 1 at 2200 before bed and 1 about 0400. This seems to work for me, normally off for in total 2 hours in the whole day. Hope this helps