Stalivo side effects from a female point of view

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I was dx 2.5 years ago at the tender age of 51. I have been in so many kinds of medication and now on Stalivo every 3 hours at 125mg,31.25,200mg. And neupro 4mg patches Getting plenty of side effects including OCD, Dry mouth, wearing off,Breathing problems and pain In my left affected side. Just sick to death of it all

I feel like that sometimes can’t do what I want when I want it’s frustrating buf we mustn’t let Parkinson’s win sHow it who s boss and remember you’re not alone

Hey @Sylows1,

So sorry to hear that the side affects to your medication has been getting to you - I completely empathise with you.

Our helpline and Parkinson’s local advisers are here to answer any questions you have about symptoms or side effects. Please give them a call on 0808 800 0303 to speak one of our advisers.

All the best,