Starting Rasagiline

I have recently been diagnosed with PD. I have a slight tremor in my right hand and also a feeling of pins and needles. This arm does not swing when walking. It was suggested at my appointment with the PD team that I start on Rasagiline. I feel pretty ok otherwise so I was wondering what benefits i will get from this treatment. I know some may be long term but I would be interested to hear how this medication has worked for others. I am trying to do plenty of exercise and have actually felt much fitter after diagnosis because of this.
Hi Camargue. I started Azilect in March. Felt tired first week then ok but didn't help my symptoms at all. I'm staying on it as I can tolerate it easily and it maybe neuroprotective. Added in Reqip XL 4 mg now and all my symptoms are virtually gone. :smile: I'm 46. Good luck
Thanks Silverkins, i got the impression from reading a bit that I might not notice any benefit but it was described as putting in a 'platform' presumably for other drugs. I haven't got hold of the medication yet as I am waiting for the letter to go out to my GP but I also don't have another appointment until December apart from the PD nurse next month. I am not overly troubled by my symptoms but it would be nice to notice an improvement if I was taking medication but if its purpose was to slow down the progress of the disease I wouldn't notice that anyway. I am 62 and reasonably fit otherwise so it is a big decision to start medication but i suppose if it is well tolerated and only once a day I will soon get used to it.
All I can tell you is my experience with Azilecht (Rasagiline) for about 6 momths - my hair thinned out about 50% - lost weight, about 4 pounds - suffered bouts of blurred vision with constant pressure on my eyes - and the expense was damnable - switched to Selegline (does the same thing, a MAO blocker) which is cheaeper and so far no side effects - if you can try both you will experience first hand what is right for you. Best wishes, Worried Well
Hi Camargue

I have just, in the last month, added Rasagiline (1mg once a day) to my Pramipexole (1.25mg salt 3 times a day): both my neuro and my PD nurse are keen on the idea of it being a neuroprotective - though I can’t find any serious evidence to that effect.

It has helped a little bit (I think): I feel more confident using stairs, and my typing and writing are (mostly) better. But it doesn’t do anything for my tremor. On the whole, I’m in the camp that says take the drugs now if they’re improving symptoms, or if there’s even a rumour that they may be neuroprotective - use it or lose it - and worry about the future later. I’m your age, BTW, Camargue.

In the long list of side effects, worried well, I didn’t see hair loss or blurred vision - but I do see dizziness and numbness in the hand – both of which I now possess. Maybe I should switch to Selegiline too.

Best wishes

Hello, Camargue --

I'm another Rasgailine user. My doctor and I were waiting for it to come on the market; as soon as it was available, I started on one mg. per day. I'm a fairly small woman, and that dosage caused dizziness. Switching to 0.5 mg. per day, I've had no side-effects since.

Azilect is said to delay the PD symptoms. Without stopping my daily dose, it is impossible to say for certain that it is effective. But I can say that after 16 years of PD, my symptoms are still so subtle that people I meet are amazed to find out that I have PD. Mine is just one case, of course; others on this forum have had very different experiences from mine.

Best of luck with your own case!
hi camargue
rasageline/azilect inhibits the 'clean-up' of dopamine by the house-keeping enzyme mao-b. so for very early cases it can preserve your naturally produced dopamine for longer. later on it can also preserve artificially produced dopamine derived from levadopa (sinemet, madopar).
initially azilect claimed to be neuroprotective but had to withdraw that claim when it failed later tests. but it may actually still be.
Thanks for all the replies which sound mostly positive. I think if i have no side effects it is worth taking it. I don't fancy the numb hand though as that is similar to what i have with my tremor but time will tell. I think the biggest step for me is actually taking any drugs as it is a daily reminder that you actually have PD whereas at the moment if i have no medical appointments and I keep busy i forget about it!
I'm 41 and have been on rasagiline for approx 8 weeks, I can't tell if they are working but the only side effect i had was headaches and they went after about 2 weeks. I'm encouraged to hear that they maybe used as a platform for other drugs??
I don't see my consultant til December now so I am assuming he wants me to give Rasagiline a fair go before looking at what to put on the "platform"
Also just been prescribed Azilect, so very interested in everyone's commenets. I started on very low dose of Ropinerole (0,25mg)five weeks ago, I reacted v badly during first three weeks but now seems ok and some gradual improvements in the symptoms. My specialist wants to see if Azilect brings any further improvements without resorting to leva dopa at my 'young' age (50). I'm worried about the side effects as I seem to be very sensitive to these drugs, will report if I get any once I start. BTW, very expensive, isn't it.
i was diagnosed and started madopar 2 years ago, one tab twice a day. This regime started to not control symptoms for the whole day, so my neuro started me on azilect five months ago. I noticed an immediate improvement and have no side effects apart from possibly very mild headache early on. In fact I had lots of days when I almost forgot I had PD, which was great. Although I again am having symptoms when the madopar wears off, the combination is still more effective than madopar alone I think. The chance of neuroprotection is another major added bonus in my mind, kind of empowering. I love my azilect....
I wrote a big rant on this yesterday on another thread.I have been taking Azilect for nearly 4 years now.Had no problems.Swear by it.Just,NO ANTI-DEPRESSANTS CAN BE TAKEN WITH IT.If you are taking this combination and having side effects.It could be down to this combo,not your pd meds.Depression is common in pd,there has to be many more like me in this predicament.The Doctors and Neuro's just prescribe willy-nilly.Mine had no idea until I pointed it out.SERATONIN SYNDROME,plus a lot more.Check it out.I have tried a number of Anti-d's with Azilect in desperation,taking the chance.The doctors don't realise until pointed out to them,then they panic.No answer though.Search yours,if taking this combo,then see the cautions.
will anybody ever listen
I'm really begining to wonder about his less-noticed aspect of rasagiline - they say don't take anti-depressants with it because anti-depressants are generally SSRIs (which increase the overall level of Serotonin). And MAO-B breaks down serotonin as well as dopamine, so in theory rasagiline (which inhibits the MAO-B) could be increasing our serotonin levels as well as dopamine. Even though they claim it's targeted specifically for dopamine, it can't be that specific or they wouldn't also say "avoid anti-depressants" as well, would they?!
Anyway, I read that anti-depressants can cause fatigue (as serotonin can make you sleepy) and was wondering if rasagiline did the same - I stopped my azilect for a few weeks and I think I was getting up easier in the mornings.
Hi everyone
I started this thread when I was prescribed Rasagiline which I have been taking for about three weeks with no obvious side effects. At the time i saw my consultant I only had a slight tremor however a few weeks later I started having a more pronounced tremor and a very tight and aching arm which was really annoying me especially in the evening when I wanted to stop doing things and sit down and watch tv or read. The PD nurse has prescribed Mirapexin which I am about to start. Has anyone any experience of using these together. It is suggested that I try to take the lower dose 0.52 i think for a while to see if this works. However i do think my arm is improving on Rasagiline alone although that may be because we have been extremely busy with multiple visits from various friends so lots of cooking and bed making! I have had not time to notice anything. Do symptoms appear and then lessen of their own accord.? I have also started to feel some pins and needles in my left hand which was my first symptom three years ago in my right hand and my Daat scan shows that there is a loss of dopamine on that side as well. I would like to take just enough medication to make life as normal as possible and now I have started medication there does not seem any point in not taking enough however the risk of side effects with Mirapexin seems greater which makes me a bit nervous.
Hi C, yes I take mirapexin (or rather its generic, Pramipexole) - see my post of 11 Jun. "Do symptoms appear and then lessen of their own accord.?" you ask. Yes they surely do! my symptoms vary from day to day, and some dissapere for weeks on end and then . . .

I also find that onthese drugs, the effect is very cumulative. In the 5 weeks since i posted in this thread, I'd say Rasagiline has helped more and more. i took great delight yesterday in walking down a fight of steps - witout holding the handrail.

Take care

Hmm, hasn't done so much for my tryping, however; disappear, that should have been.
My experience of Mirapexin is not a good one. Took it for 6 months(waiting for my system to get used to it)and thought I was dying, never felt so ill in all my life.

My neuro finally conceded it wasn't the right drug for me (turns out not many are).

I have a very low tolerance to these DA's and am on a very low dose of Requip, 6mg but the two drugs that made a huge difference was Azilect and Amitriptyline as a muscle relaxant.(yes i know they shouldn't be used together but it works for me.

Time marches on however and symptoms are steadily creeping bach, I have been told the next thing will be leva-dopa as raising the DA is not an option!!


Diagnosed in August 2013 i was started on 1mg of Rasagiline  straight away so have been taking it for 7 weeks now it has helped me my symptoms are not completely gone i still have a tremor and muscle pain  in my arm but not sure if that is PD or a side effect of Azilect   but it has helped with the stiffness and shoulder pain  but what i am finding is the effects are wearing off late evening time  so feeling stiff and achy at bedtime which is not helping get a good nights sleep , only real side effects i suffered were headaches but they went after a while but all in all a good experience with Rasagiline

I have been on Azilect for 2 months. I felt the benefit within hours of my first tablet. I didn't have severe symptoms of pd, only a odd tremble, stiff hand and numbness in my arm.

I have noticed some dryness on my forehead, with some very small lumpy patches which I put down to be too lazy to follow a regular moisturizing routine but now I read it might be a side effect of Azilect.

I am also puzzled about some people mentioning the price. Are you not in the UK? I got my NHS prescription of 84 tablets for £7.

So far...... I love my azilect

Hi Martin

you saying about the price of Azilect , when  my Neurologist first prescribed them for me  i had to go to my Gp for  repeat prescription , she phoned me and said there are very expensive drug  how are you on them , i replied i feel much better to which she replied  ..oh ok ill write a prescription , I have a thyroid problem so do not pay for my prescriptions