Still Here!

Hello everyone, this is Tamsin, and I have disappeared and reappeared from the Forum several times over the turbulent years since 2009! I am wondering if anyone remembers me and is still posting on here? We used to have a virtual Parkinson’s diner and have virtual breakfasts together! I am finding the Forum a little more difficult to navigate than back in 2012 (when I was last here) - is it me, or the technology? (There’s only one right answer to that question!).

Hi @Tamsin,

Welcome back to the forum. I know things may look very different compared to the last time you visited the forum, but I can assure it’s not as hard as it appears to navigate. I made some quick and easy tutorial videos shortly after we launched the new forum, you can find them here - How to use the forum - Tutorial videos!.

If hope you find this useful, however, feel free to @ me and I’l be happy to help. :blush:

Best wishes,