I have lived in France for 12 years and my Parkinson’s started 5 years ago. I am looking for someone’s who can spare time via the internet to support me when it gets difficult emotionally and I hit that invisible wall
I am 70, married to a lovely lady who tries her best but sometimes I need to share my darkest thoughts with someone else
Hope to hear from you if you think you can be my buddy

Hi @Dave-73, :wave:

A warm welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a rough time, Parkinson’s affects everyone differently; however, I am sure the vast majority of our members can relate to what you’re feeling. The good news is you’re in the right place and there are many people on the forum who can speak to for support. We have an ‘Insomnia’ thread which is a popular thread on the forum for people who find it hard to sleep and need someone to speak to. I’d strongly recommend that you check it out and perhaps introduce yourself there as well - Insomnia.

I’m sure everyone will welcome you with open arms. We also have a lot of information on our website here to help and support you, so please feel free to explore it in your own time -

Lastly, our helpline service is also here to help you in your time of need and though there is a one hour time difference between the UK and Paris, you are still welcome to contact us on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm (Closed Sundays/bank holidays). You can also reach us via email at [email protected].

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Hi @Dave-73
Come and join the musketeers on the Insomnia thread.
I’m up most nights and would love to chat to you.
Also try a look at the “what are your favourite songs” thread.
There’s always someone to play along with any time of the day.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Always happy to listen :slight_smile:
We all have rough days.

I was having bad nightmares where I was fighting with people ( apparently quite common with PD ) I even ended up punching my wife while I was fighting off the baddies

So It had to stop. I was prescribed Rivotril, used I am told is given to epileptic sufferers, by paramedics, to stop continuous seizures until they get them to hospital
Three drops in water at bedtime and I sleep like a log
Takes you beyond “dreaming” apparently

Thanks for the comments
I will take up the offers of help when I get down
Take care Dave

Hi @Dave-73
Thanks for the rivitrol tip.
I shall ask my GP or neurologist about that.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Moved to France 12 years ago
I started with a trembling sensation inside which I knew my GP could not see but he gave me a treatment for a minor tremor. The following week I went back to him with a full blown PD shake in my right arm which would not stop at all. He sent me for CT scan the same day and a MRI scan the following day Later he admitted he thought I had a brain tumour.
He sent me to PD Specialist when he confirmed there wasn’t a tumour the following week
He started me on Slow release Levodopa Benserazide so when I went to the neurologist The tremor was still present. The neurologist
did another CT scan with a additional injection while I was in the machine. He asked me 14 questions from a tick sheet and I scored 14. He said you have PD and put my medication up.
It has remained stable physically for 4 years with little episodes of tremor and has only last year got worse with feet shuffling when I am in confined spaces

In France a GP can only give you 3 months of prescriptions without giving you a full examination and a Consultant can only give you 6 months of prescriptions so you get to see them on a regular basis

The story continues, Dave