Sussed it


Hi all,

You know what I have actually sussed how to clear the long list of post we all seem to be getting.

You need to click on each thread  weather they say updated or not then check the top of the post on the right where it say's total post 123, new 1.


If it say new 0 then it wont make difference but some will say new 1 or even more,


Hope this helps I know we are all rather fed up with it.


Kind Regards BB xxxx


Yippee yia yay two pages down and i have gone from 82 to 46.


BB xx



Your looking very healthy bb. you must be doing something right gus


Hi BB - good to see you in person.

Hope to converse with you more soon.


Best wishes



Thanks Gus,

Avon adds to the healthy look for me plus i am particular about my choice of clothes the jacket I am wearing is my hippy chick look i just love the tie dye and velvet look.

Thanks Cassie be nice to get to know you.


BB xx



My process of going through the list of post defo works three pages down just one to go leaves me with just 20 odd post now 




Cleared them Yippee yia yay.


bb xx




Hi BB I've sussed how to get rid of these 'extra' posts also, but it is a pain in the butt having to do it and time consuming, what I really want to know who or what is causing them. I log off and clear all the posts in my discussions then when I log on next day it sometimes tells me I have as much as 116 new posts in my discussions when I have perhaps only 10!!

Fed up Sheffy


Hi Sheffy,

Know how you feel it took me three days to clear mine, are you opening up every single post on the list of pages? That is the only way to clear them then i check mine at least every other day to stay on top of it so to speak xx




Hi BB, yes I do, but the same damn thing happens after a couple of weeks!

I click on the thread starting at the bottom of each page, then click on the arrow in the top left hand corner. I have six pages of threads, I start from the bottom of the sixth page and work back 5,4,3..... through each thread, it does'nt actually delete the thread on the list but it deletes the posts in my discussions. It's hard to explain but it does the job until the next time it happens!!



Thought I had sussed it but today i lot on to find i have 31 post only two actually updated with noting additional on page 1 of my 5 pages where the hell are a further 29 this is getting really bl**** stupid now.

fed up BB



Know just how you feel BB, but don't know what to say to help. I knew the problem would come back and rear it's ugly head, i'm just waiting for it to happen again to me!!

Chin up gal, count to ten  Sheffy


Yep it becoming very tiresome cry


I never got rid of the problem.  I'm up to 74 posts!!



Guess what having just gone through pg 2 to find the majority of addition replays were actually posted by me so it is coming to some thing when i have to post and re-read my own reply's to clear this damn list.

This is clearly a fault with this Website's software may I suggest it get's corrected one and for all.


282 new posts and going still


Hi everyone,

Sorry to hear this is causing problems for people. I've passed this on to our Web Team who will look into it.

Digital Team



Thank you Alethea (lovely name). That kind gesture will help us all and we hopefully will have less stress to contend with........



cleared them yet again and yes i was right new post were either my reply's or reply's i have already read.




Half hour ago i had no new posts came back now have 46 ?.............why?