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Has anyone know anything about the European rehability centre for Parkinson’s in Italy

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Hi @little_bee,

I’m sure you’ll receive some helpful comments soon, however in the interim, we recently posted information on a similar programme in the UK called ‘Fighting Fit.’ You can find this information here - Get to know Fighting Fit.

I hope this helps!

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Came back from this rehab Center in Italy. Was absolutely brilliant. If you can go - GO.

Could you tell what it helped and how is your symptoms,
Inhave a,lot of issues due to,sinemtdt side effects I get levdopa imdueceddm dystonia which stops me taking most of the day,im looking forvways to help these things and anxiety I get from not breathing very well when I go off and on . I am wanting to find ways of over coming this so I csn havebbetter,quality of life.Do you think they could help ,me. If a rang them do they speek English then I could ring them early in the day when I have a small voice

Yes we speak English, The centre is the only one in Europe to operate using the four pillars approach (see here for more). We are focused on quality of life. We work with Parkinson UK, and the European Parkinson Disease Association and many more. We operate in over 40 countries and Our web site is here.
Call us or mail us and we are happy to call you. MOST OF ALL … Don’t panic. Parkinson’s is complex but is something we know well (PS we are not a Hospital for patients, we are a therapy centre to help people stay well). MMullish reflects the feeling of everybody who comes to us (thanks MMullish!).
Alex, European Parkinson Therapy Centre