I'm not ready to entirely undergo the process of 'granification' and please don't laugh but I'm waging war on my knickers and it's a losing battle trying to pull them up and maintain respectability. So, where can I find nice underwear that meets my needs, easy to put on/take off/pull up but pretty? Perhaps velcro/poppers? This really is a serious question as what if I really did get run over by a bus?
Try Wilkinsons. They have some that are stretchy (like Sloggies) but with a fancy lace front panel, and shiney material so that you can shuffle your bum on seats. Sizes from small to 24 and what's more they are in our local Wilkinsons at only £2 a pair.
Good luck!
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Thank you, Mary or perhaps 'Diolch'! It really was a serious question.
Tut tut, a panny for your thoughts? Tuttapanna...........

A season of good shrill and drear to all men, eh?:grin:
Christmas time and Christmas stocking
Surely Pokey isn’t mocking
Poor tuttapanna with her undies
Cant find a pair to wear on Sundays
She wants to find a pretty pair
Not to leave her bottom bare
She only wants to look fantastic
The ones she found had no elastic
Ladies do not go commando
You are a cheeky so and so
This is a lady in distress
Who finds it difficult to dress
If she wanted droopy drawers
She could borrow some of yours
You maybe shocked at what’s in my knickers draw.
But I think it’s what you’re maybe looking for
The kids could use them for a tent, keep em dry in storm
Comfort and quality, and I like my belly warm.

The comfy knicks that I ware come in packs of four,
They are a little pricy, but the comfort you’ll adore,
But better than going commando, and showing all-my bum,
That would frighten onlookers, and set then of to run.

So depending on the exchange rate the cost can change a lot,
The Brazillian pound against sterling, the rate I have forgot.
The last time in the UK I paid 18 pounds for four,
But there was a half price sale, so I got 4 more.

So Sloggi knickers are such a very good buy
When you put them on, we will hear a comfort sigh
At £2.25 a pair in the sales, a price that’s not a fright
And you can pull them up and down to your hearts delight.

This is just some serious fun, and no intention to offend
But the exchange rate is going down, maddening I can’t pretend
If we send in the commandos, to sort the zillion Brazillian state.
The knicker against the euro, might yield a better rate.

Hi All
If you do go commando who can tell, unless it is very windy of course.
you can help put your knickers on with a shoe horn and a long handled easy reach . demonstration to be held in Stratford Upon Avon in March.



Sorry tried diagram looks more complicated than it is..

Tina x
Hi Guys, I'm trying to catch up on missed threads over the Christmas period and curiosity begs me ask the question: why were Pokermid's posts of 24th Dec. rejected? Maybe this should have been posted under another heading, but I wanted to put the record straight that I believe in free speech and appreciate all aspects of our Forum. Surely it wasn't the mention of 'going commando'?
Yes Mary, I'm afraid thats all it was!!!

But alas, the admins hands are tied if someone complains.

Rules are rules and knickerless girls shouldnt climb trees

Hasta la Vista baby!!!:rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:
My Vroooom Vrooooooooooooom )))))))))))))))))) got done too!!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
quote............This really is a serious question as what if I really did get run over by a bus? ...............unquote


I thought there might have been some tongue-in-cheek within the question. I was obviously wrong.

But then again, would it really matter what you were wearing if a double decker flattened you????

My Dear Pokemid,

You sound like you understand admins plight,
Not like you , not to fight,

Is it because you are full of Christmas cheer,

will you be back fighting in the new year?

No Jaylew, not fighting.......tree climbing!!!


I've solved it Pokermid - it's not the tree-climbing or the vroooooom vrooooom that gets you expelled ..... its the funny little faces at the end of your posts!! Shall I try it? :wink:

Now that we've tackled the knicker issue, does anyone have suggestions as to how I can utilise a drawer full of new girdles that I can no longer pull up/down? This too is a serious question.
Newydd llawen i bawb (Happy New Year to everyone).
Apologies to all Welsh readers, didn't check and missed out the word 'year'. What can you expect from a Yorkshire lass!
You're all brilliant. I laughed so much I'd have wet my knickers....if I'd been wearing any!

Oh and Blwyddyn newydd dda i bawb - buon anno
Mary Llainwen.

Are they the waist to hip type or full body?

A serious question,as I am thinking about Mary Ll's problem.

No doubt, and hopefully, we shall get a lot of useful,(?), advice, which will not result in posts being removed, from the opposite sex.

Am I allowed to use that 's' word. We shall soon see.LOL.
Waist to hip type, a mixture of light, medium & firm control. Any ideas for recycling will be much appreciated. :confused: