I understand the victims of the Hull case have read the Telegraph report, and are now researching this site.
Hope it gives them some understanding.14% is quite a significant percentage of people to get this side effect.
I expect there will be some articles and perhaps a Panorama or such like on it.That would give more people an appreciation of the situation.Apparently,since that programme a few years ago on the lad badly affected by Tourettes there has been more understanding among the general public.
Hello Renaissance

Can I ask why you feel it necessary to make this known? Do you seek fame? Let things lay and get on with your life. The more that you continue with this folly, the more you will antagonise these people.

I know Peter Middleton (Pokermid et al) did his bit but a whole programme with trailers is needed.
I don't know why you persist in attacking me Lukey.

I certainly KNOW that there are very many in here who have been through what I have, and who WANT to be kept informed. Dozens have specifically asked to be kept updated.

If you yourself aren't interested no-one is asking you to read my posts or get involved.

It's like the TV - if you don't like the programme, TURN IT OFF!

There's no need for antagonism in here, we're supposed to be supportive and understanding towards each other.
Dear Lukey, Whilst I agree that the quickest way to stir up a hornets nest is to keep poking at it, you have to see things not only from the victims of the scam point of view but those of Hull Victim (now deceased)himself I would suggest that although his financial ruin is terrible his biggest loss is to his self esteem,pride and view of himself as a respectable member of the community. Self esteem is very difficult to get back and sometimes it is difficuklt to live with yourself when you have behaved in a way that in normal circumstances you would despise. Thus his need to bring this subject up and in some ways try to explain and justify his behaviour. Perhaps not just to others but to himself as well I have immense sympathy for those who have financially lost out and would be furious if it was me, but I would try to remember that money is not health and happiness. Be aware that Hull Victim has not got off lightly, far from it.Even if he won the lottery tomorrow he would not replace what he has lost:his self respect.
Thanks ECD.

Interestingly there are 170+ victims, who communicate via a huge email circulation list, which includes the detective constable who charged me. This DC has known for nearly 2 years about me having Parkinsons, and that the defence would be based on the dopamine agonist issue. Despite that he never told any of the victims this, happily leaving them to believe it was a straightforward criminal fraud case.

As a result there have been numerous malicious postings in various forums, and threats of violence and criminal damage. This DC will have seen many of these in his in-box, but chose not to warn people against such threatening behaviour.

This weekend will therefore be the first time these poor folk have become aware this is a medical/neurological case, not just a simple villain being brought to justice.
I am sorry to read that some of you are fighting.
I have been a member of the AZ society for a few years.
Fighting between yourselves will get you ??

I just thought I would try The Parkinsons Society, after all, that is what hubby has, BUT, he also has dementia.

I do not need a site that has members squabbling.

Nor me
Hello Renaissance

I am not attacking you. I have told you before that I was pleased with your release. I have also given you the reasons for my persistence. I am in litigation against the Pharmaceutical companies with many others in the civil courts (not the criminal courts)and your case has been mostly highlighted as a scam and a travesty against justice. (of which I do not agree).

But your case could be proving detrimental to everyone that has court cases ahead. Positive Public opinion is paramount! You have won your case, please give others the opportunity to win theirs!

I see that you like to revert to antagonism. Its probably the 'councillor' in you! The way I see the situation is slightly different. Its not the Tv or this forum that needs turning off....its YOU!


Debate is sometimes construed as 'squabbling'.

I am certainly not squabbling,not even really having a disagreement.Sometimes in life we are so tied up with our own problems that we need others to point out different points of view..What you have met on this thread is plain speaking,not argueing.There is a difference.I realise that in your situation life is far from easy and perhaps you want a refuge from the toils and troubles of every day.An escape so to speak.We all do at times and there are threads that do that.
I send you cyber hugs in awareness that your life must be very,very difficult and hope you will contribute telling us if we can help in any way.
Sorry, after postindg and reading it through it sounded patronising.Be assured it was not meant that way.
Hi Renaissance.

This will be my last word on this thread. I know it won't be yours! You haven’t answered any of my points on previous threads, so it’s highly unlikely that you will make the attempt now.

You can continue to side step the issues but if you intend to take any civil action against pharmaceutical Co’s, those issues will return to haunt you.

When I first saw your post headline, I thought, maybe naively, that you were announcing an apology to your ‘Victims’. When I then read that you have information (where from?) that these ‘Victims’ were looking in on this forum, I was astonished that you hadn’t taken the opportunity to offer up some remorse.

Saying sorry to the court on trial day is hardly an adequate apology! Again, I must question your motives. Why are you persisting in rubbing your ‘Victims’ noses in the proverbial?
If indeed any or all are looking in, I doubt if they would see anything favourable. It would probably make them feel worse and even more hard done by!

As you say, folk on here are curious to know about your deliverance. Could you not inform these people by private message? It would make it personal and more meaningful!

I will say no more on this subject. You know my feelings and how bad press could affect upcoming civil court cases. I won’t be holding my breath for you to comply. Good luck with your intended civil case and potential damages.

Who are you to judge me?

YOU must question MY motives??? Surely it is YOUR motives in constantly attacking ME which people will be wondering about.

Who on earth are you to tell me how to present my experiences? Who are you to give me advice about public opinion, or how my actions might (or might not) affect others' cases?

I sincerely regret the losses suffered by these people, I genuinely do. But the blame (and therefore responsibility for apologies) lies squarely with the incompetent medics who fed me this poison foy 7 years without telling me, despite knowing it had scrambled my brain and wrecked my life.

When you yourself suffer 7 similar years, followed by 2 more on bail, you can present your case to the public (or not) in whatever way you wish, I won't object.

In the meantime I would ask you to respect MY right to do the same.
I am a member of this forum, I have PD, I have suffered greatly from compulsive behaviour, I am a citizen of this country of free speech and I am free to judge and critisise ANYONE that posts an opinion on this forum if I feel it necessary!

Why post if you dont want responses.

Is it adoration and sympathy you want?

Try a little less selfishness and belief of self importance.

Lukey, you assured us your previous post would be your last on this thread: are you obsessed with me?

I think we've all got the message that you'd prefer a different approach to the one I've chosen for myself by now.

Can we stop this now?
And what would you like stopping exactly. Your Renaissance maybe? Obviously you do not prefer debate. You swerve every point made in true political style.

Yes we’re done. I fully expect you to continue with the ‘Victims’ saga for all its worth. I’m just surprised that your posse’ hasn’t arrived yet to fortify your position!


I don't want to get in a debate with you but I can't understand your postings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but sometimes things are better if they are not said, or repeated more than once. What is more important, material things or health? The victims may have lost money etc but not their self esteem or been affected personally by these awful drug side effects.

Hello Jem

Perhaps you, more than most, should realise that some people take advantage of other more vulnerable people/systems/forums?

If you care to read again, I’m trying to protect the interests of pwp’s affected with compulsive behaviour which have imminent civil court cases. All I want is for the Hull circus to drop tent and to move on to pastures new. The basement threads might suffice. New tigers are needed for their football team I believe!

You are not trying to protect anybody Lukey, you are trying to win what you perceive to be some kind of pseudo-intellectual debate, and show everyone how clever you are. Nobody needs you to protect them, so let it rest.

Despite your proclamation that you'd made your last contribution to this thread you go on and on and on, it's so dreary. But I guarantee you'll be back to get the last word.