Waiting times

Hi all I live in north wales and have been waiting over 5  to see a neuro and im finding I'm suffering more symptoms my walking is so  I'm stumbling more suffering pain in my  heelheel, and my hands are starting to hurt on occasions im getting very stressed  handed my cnotice in at work as I worked in a meat factory.           

I was wondering how long others had to wait for appointment. Thank you 



When my GP referred me too a Neuro, the wait for the first appointment for me was 5 months, I was Told they couldn't make a appointment more than 6 weeks in advance of a space incase the Neuro was on holiday.

some others have and are waiting longer, some shorter.


Hi sea angler ty for ur reply I've got my doctors to chase neuro this morning they say I'm 19 th on the list and should hear in about 8  weeks so maybe I'll  an appointment beore xms


I doubt i'd be the only one in saying this but keep chasing them up Magenta, it seems the only way sometimes.

Hi my appt is 17 sept and have waited 8 wks. I agree it's v stressful time and sure it's making my symptoms worse. It's worth chasing secretary for a cancellation


Gl with ur appointment kitten  us wknow how it goes  tc to u and sea xx

Hi all 

Well I'm thinking how lucky I am living in Somerset as my gp got me an emergency appointment with a nuro within two weeks and I've now had three in three months , I was dx on first appointment and started on siminet changed onto requip xl on my seconde and dose increased on third, all my nuro appointments have been on Saturdays plus I seen pd nurse and been to pd clinic at hospital . Yeovil district hospital have been great and I can't praise them enough ,

It really must be awful to wait around like you all have I think it would have totally done my head in even more if I'd had to wait months to see someone.


Hi Cheshire Cat , can I ask what we're your symptoms and how quickly the siminet worked?


Hi kittens

I had tremor in left side hand and leg internal tremor dizzy could not think straight stutter could not get my words out very poor posture and walking stiff painful legs difficult standing up plus several others, 

I had a total cognitive melt down at work and didn't know what I was doing after doing my job for 35 years, gp thought it was a micro stroke at first cos it all happened so fast, when Nuro looked through my history I had shown symptoms up to 5 years ago , thay were all put down to old age over working and stress.

The siminet took about a day to really start working though I did have some relief after the second tablet ,for me it only seemed to relive my motor symptoms not my cognitive ,I'm now on 10 mg requip xl and that's working well, can up my dose if I feel I need to..

Hope that helps.

     Live well.  Cc

Thanks for that . I think my symptoms have been there for 4/5 yrs but like you put down to age , ? Arthritis or due to neuroma in foot . Now have tremor in l arm , internal tremor , rigid and stiff and difficulty walking . Have pain In back ,hips and l foot . Am just hoping all this settles with treatment when eventually get there !im 56 


I'm 57. Was dx in June this year and am now back to work full time though on less stressful work

These long waiting times are troublesome, and have been reported before. The Nice guidelines are clear: “people with suspected mild PD should be seen within 6 weeks but new referrals in later disease 2 weeks.2 And “people diagnosed with PD should be seen at regular intervals of 6–12 months to review their diagnosis.”

Of, course these are only guidelines, and of course with an over-stretched NHS there may well be neuro referrals which take clinical precedence over "mild PD". But it doesn't feel "mild" to new sufferers, I can tell you, and the strain of waiting can understandably be hard on people. Has PUK done anything on this topic?

in the meantime K3 and others try not to worry too much. If it is PD, for most people progression is slow and you'll be able to adjust. And of course you'll get loads of support here on this forum.

Best wishes for your appt however long it takes.


Hi All.....My Husband doesn't have Parkinsons but i have. He has always been a very fit strong and confident man who danced several times a week and walked miles, gardening you name it but something happened earlier in the year when he shook violently and since then has gradually lost his balance very badly, resulting i several falls,clumsy gait, memory problems, spacial awareness affected,shuffling, small steps, leaning forward etc etc. I was certain that he also had the dreaded Parky. Also he has had problems in the bladder area with several "accidents" his PSA blood count was 21.5 when it should be around 4 !!!for that he was fast tracked to a Urologist and last week found out that he has Prostate Cancer. I have made more calls then you would believe to the memory clinic, the Neurology department, GPs and CT scan unit regarding his balance etc problems and after waiting 4 months we paid privately to see a Neurologist which we shouldn't have to do, my man has worked until he was 70 paid his taxes and when he needed help has been let down badly. I am so glad that we went down this route as he was seen the following day!!!! for a 40 min appointment, had an MRI scan within 3 days and go back for the rest of the results this wed evening. He has been told that he does not have Parkinsons but they have found a growth on his Brain which is worrying but at least now finally we know and he can get whatever treatment he needs. Meanwhile he has finally recieved an appointment with a Neurologist on the NHS for the end of September!!!! tooooooooooooo B***** late. We are not well off by any means but you can't take it with you as the saying goes, and your health is more important than anything when your life is at risk. I just wish we had considered this earlier in the year and he would not be in the state he is now. 

sorry to hear about your husband, hope he gets sorted quickly.

i agree semele with your comments, its an aweful wait


Hi I have not been on here for awhile not sure if on the correct link . I was hoping someone can give advise I have had parky for 2 yrs and on azilect . Just lately I have had this weird feelings in neck and head that is making my days hard as I feel that I need to rest my head so this feeling goes but when I stand up again it's there my head feels very heavy and neck feels like all my nerves are on edge very hard to explane just wondering if anyone else has had this and what did you do . 

Went out today to cinema and meal . My walking is deteriating to a shuffle and v stiff and painful . Dread to think what I'm like by mid sept for my appt


Hi sparky2031

It sounds like you need to see your healthcare professional. Do you have a Parkinson's nurse you can call? As a first port-of-call, you might want to try one of our Parkinson's nurses on our helpline at 0808 800 0303.

I hope this helps,


Hi all ty for ur replys  its interesting to hear other peoples experiences and hope all get sorted soon and care that we all need I will keep u all informed when I finally hear somethig and what  is tc xxxxxx

Hi finally I've got an appointment for 6th October will let you all know how I get on tc all x

Good to hear you at last have date . My appt is 2 weeks today . It's longest wait ever . Seem to have more pain in my hips , don't know wether this is connected to pd but not helping the walking . The shaking is relentless