When I walk I always look down at the ground with a feeling of shoulders being hunched, also I have a feeling of a slight limp in my right leg and my right arm dosnt move much

Can anyone relate to this

Oh yes Nevbar - that's me!

It's horrible when I pass a shop window and get a fright, saying to myself "that 's not me".

My limp gets worse as do my shoulders  but some of it must be my fault  because if I went to the Tai Chi classes that I belong to it would be a great help.  I seem to use my time "on" cooking or working trying to clear up my paperwork.  When I'm "off", I can't do anything so I really don't utilize my time properly.

It's a right pain in the neck!

best wishes - Casie


Thanks Cassie

Pain in the the neck is so true!

Because I am only recently been told pd is most likely subject to further tests it was the looking at the ground while walking I had not heard of before

Again thanks

Hi nevbar I always have been stooped, but I do think it's got worse recently, and I have to make a conscious effort to look up, especially when sitting down.

Posture problems can indeed be an issue of PD. Search posture on this site  and you'll find loads. This is particularly interesting: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/why-do-people-parkinsons-have-difficulty-posture

And I agree Casie - it's hard cathing a glance of yourself!

Walk tall, everybody!



Hi nevbar, as semele said it's all part of parky, my physio has given me a few excercises to work on to try and tackle the problem, and you have to keep thinking 'head up' when you're walking! Another symptom is loss of arm swing on the side you have the parkinsons.

Hi Nevbar I always look at the ground when I'm walking . I find it hard not to as I'm scared of tripping and falling . The pavements are not great . My main problem is my right leg / foot and my right arm doesn't swing although I think it's marginally better than it was . I'm concentrating on trying to walk properly - heel , toe , heel , toe . The physio said try and swing your arm but I find I can't concentrate on the walking and swing arm at same time . If I walk the dog I hold his lead in right hand to give it something to do ! Or I tend to put hand in pocket which is not good I know . I thought I may have had a stroke initially . 

If its dropped foot and yoo are trippping in spite of being on the correct meds.,, I believe there is something the physio can devise to stop your foot from dropping as this happens with other conditions


Thankyou for your message Eileen Patricia . Will talk to physio about it . 

Hi I tend to trip going up steps/kerbs rather than coming down so when I'm out and about or going up steps I look down at kerb's to watch I'm lifting my foot far enough up ,I have fell a few times becauce of this ,i have no swing in my left arm .

Thanks all Makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one My dTscan is Tuesday so once I have A definite diagnosis I wiljl be back on fhe forum

Hi everyone. This week I have felt my right leg and arm so very sluggish. I try to make them move more fluently but the effort seems to make me tired. I also had a very strange episode of leg shaking and hand tremble whilst sitting on the sofa and wonder if this could be the start of new symptoms for me! All very scary isn't it?


Hi my husband is waiting for Datscan but he says that his shaking arm feels "fat" and stiff. He is able to move it but it also feels sluggish but I suppose if the arm shakes 24 7 (which his does in some degree) then the muscles will fatigue and feel tired. We think the key is to try and keep anxiety to a minimum as my husbands tremor is 100 times worse when he is stressed or anxious 




I would be really interested to know if those who feel they have stooped posture feel they had this a long time prior to PD diagnosis or not? I.e what came first the stooped posture or the PD? My dad has been diagnosed for 6 years and he is now significantly stooped forward - thinking back he was always a little like this but not alot. I too am quite stooped forward but do not have PD (not yet anyway)


Hi Pomegranate

My stoop came before my DX which was in 2011, my mum noticed first, it doesn't seem to have got any worse, but I do exercises from my physio to help with my parkinsons.  Perhaps it would help your dad to get some help with an exercising routine if he can manage it. Hope this helps.

Regards Sheffy

Hi Pomegranate.

I have been diagnosed eleven months now and have noticed a change to my posture. I get really bad back ache towards the middle of the day. When I stop and check my posture I am leaning forward slightly-something I haven't been aware of before. I've started Nordic walking and this helps tremendously for the time I spend doing it. I wonder if pilates or some kind of yoga might help?



my husband doesn't have a stooped posture, the consultants that he has seen have commented that he doesnt seem to have motor symptoms but I have always been concerned that his mum has a very stooped posture and her mobility is terrible, has been so for 15 years (but only very slight finger tremor)- she has had problems getting out of chair / bed for 3 years and we've taken the bath out and replaced with a shower because a couple of years ago she got stuck and there was no one there and she couldn't get out of bath for an hour! She has never been diagnosed but since my husbands investigations started I have really begun to wonder if his mum has it. 


Why on earth would you post this ad on a Parkinsons forum?

Teen relationship advice at vast expense?

How inconsiderate!

Do  return when you develop this degenerative , neurological illness and need support.



I quite agree GG, where are they coming from?? What right have they to post that on this forum??


Hi ,

I was diagnosed in December 14 2014 and I can relate to your symptoms  although I dont look down , I have to remember to swing my right arm and I scuff my right leg slightly although the wife doesnt think I do.

Im 54 and still play football in a open league against all ages , I now have a reason to be rubbish hahaha :)

I also play Badminton which again Im using my right arm so coordination and speed of reflex sometimes can be a problem , the club I play at know ive got Parkinsons and delibertly wack as much as they can to my right side the b@@@@@ds hahahah

Keep positive thats all I can say, tell your friends keep laughing.


Hi Everyone

Is anyone else having problems with this very cold weather? It makes me feel really unwell, very stiff and aching joints.  My body feels hunched over and legs are so heavy and sore.  No matter how well I am wrapped up I still feel bad.