What age is everyone?

Good Morning everyone

I don't know whether this been covered before covered before, but reading the forum I'm so surprised at the age many of us are, as before joining this forum I had been told I'm the youngest person in my area with Parkinsons. I now realise there are so many people around my age I was wondering if we could out of interest compile a bit of a age list?

I'm 47 and been diagnosed 7 years

Thanks Craa:grin:
I am 57 (How did that happen??)and I was diagnosed 16 years ago. Almost like you craa, except ten years on.

morning, i am 45yrs old and received my official diagnosis two days after my birthday!
I was 50 in June this year and official dx was august.
hiya ,im ali ive been dx for 11 years,im 42 years old,i went to young onset parkinsons conference at stratford this year and i was really shocked how many people there is so young with pd,makes you really think.everyone used to think pd was a older generation disease,but nope,were gettin younger as we speak:rolling_eyes::smile:by the way nice to meet you x:smile:
Still Clinging on to my early-mid-forties, I'm 44, mis-dxd @ 35, got it right 1 year later.
Im 43.....I first started on sinemet when I was 10 but ive had symtoms since I was 7...been on madopar 62.5 since I was 21.. tried just about all the DA's but none seemed effective..,. and had DPS surgery 5 years ago!
Dont really remember life without PD

I meant DBS Surgery....sorry .... you can tell I work in publishing DPS stands for Double Page Spread! Doh!
I am 56 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I've had symptoms for about 5 years.
Hi Im 48 but feel older today:frowning: I was dx last year
Age 46 now Initial DX in Jan 2005 which was confirmed in Jan 2007, started meds in late 2007.

I am 65, diagnosed earlier this year. I feel lucky that, if I have to have PD, I am getting it at an older age. Perhaps it will progress slowly and what is left of my life will be liveable.
Hi everyone , 46 at Xmas dx for definite (after a barrage of tests)6yrs ago . Just retired from work...........
Hi i am 65 and dx last jan

I'm Ray, I'm 61, and I was dx in 2000 at the age of 50. However with hindsight I can recognise symptoms developing from the age of 20.

I spent seven years suffering severe obsessive compulsive disorders thanks to some idiot putting me on dopamine agonists and then not properly monitoring my progress. (Little was known in 2000 about the possible side effects of DAs, and there were no warnings anywhere).

Oh well, things can only get better! :rolling_eyes:
I am 65 dx at 64 with hindsight some symptoms when stressed or tired since mid fifties
Hi I'm 54 and dx earlier this year but had symptoms for at least last 5 years .
Hi Craa,
I'm 48 diagnosed this March. I to have noticed how many of us 'youngsters'!! are regularly diagnosed, never fails to upset me. :disappointed:

i am 45 years old diagnosed april this year on 3 lots of meds had symptoms looking back for over 4 years but didnt understand what was happening to my body. ps anyone going to parkinson convention at crewe on saturday?
Good evening all,
I was dx at age 42 in 2002, and have retired from work now over 5 yrs. Keep your chin or chins up, and keep up the good work.:grin: