What age is everyone?

I retired 2.5 years ago, the best thing i ever did, health improved so much without the stress and getting meds sorted
I'm 65. Dx 4 years ago. Took early retirement at 62.
G'day, yep I am an Aussie. Turned 50 this year first diagnosed 9 years ago at 41. Underwent DBS surgery last year, still in full time work. Wouldn't have been, mind you, without the surgery!


Morning all I was 52 on May of this year and was dx on the 4th of November 2011, so its all new to me, although my Neuro suppects I had PD for about 3 or 4 years.
John is now 69 and was diagnosed 7 years ago,although went to the G.P 2 years before that.Looking back he had symptoms 25 plus years ago, but the neurologist says that is not possible!!!!!
Hi there fellow parkinsonians,
ive just hit the half century of the big 50, i was diagnosed at the age of 32,and still dont think its sunk in,cant believe what ive been diagnosed with,im still in shock...... had brain surgery about 10 years ago in University Hospital in Cardiff, Pallidotomy ( hole in the head wide awake ) im a born n bred welshman, my meds at the moment are Stalevo & Sinemet 110
welshbearuk aka hugh
stay safe all
im 45 dg at 35 sad but true
54 - Dx about 18 months ago - sypmtons (in hindsight) for 5 years at least before
Good morning Craa i am 42 this year was DX at 40 they say life begins at 40 well so it seems ddoes PD .Can i ask how you retired at 45 i need to find out as am expecting ATOS on my doorstep any day now .How are things with everyone else did you have a slow progression wherebye things were slowly getting difficult or were they sudden like sudddenly you couldnt do something ie walk or get out of bed for me i think its the later .Dont know if it the switch from sinemette plus to Amantadine or not going to give it a week to settle been on them 2 week and was ok but as time has moved on i feel they arnt doing me any good nuero 28 decc cant wait that long .Sorry if i have rambled on a bit:}
Thanks everyone for your contribution to our list, Wow im amased how many of us are in our 40s, lets keep the list going please.

Hi everyone I have just been diagnosed about 5 weeks agao and still trying to come to terms with it. I am 42yrs old:confused:
Hi all I am 46 and been diagnosed a month. Ive had it for at least 3 years though.
Hi everyone, I'm now 52, was diagnosed 10 years ago aged 42.
Hello all. I am 47. Tremor started about 8 years ago. Not on meds, just exercise. Work part time in low stress job.
Best wishes, Lin2
Hi craa,
I agree,it is astonishing how many replies are from those in their Forties.I myself am 47 years of age.I was diagnosed in Nov 2009.So officially Two years now.Like everybody else,symptoms were apparent at least a few years before,but put them down to anxiety and such.The diagnosis took so long also.
The Forties club makes me wonder about recent revelations concerning the use of solvents.I have been in contact with them many times in various jobs,high on the fumes.My throat bleeding through irritation a couple of times.Or maybe the Forty zone is just the most popular computer usage age.
Well,have a good day,as we watch the Forties club figure rise.
All the best,
Hello all, I'm 62 next week and I have been dx for 11 years. I was taken off DA's
early due to OCD behaviours, so the levodopa is now taking it's toll. I am hoping to start on an Apomorphine pen in the future, if my GP can agree to a shared care agreement with my neuro, he's currently refusing to sign up for it and I can't get the meds until he does....argggggg:imp::bulb:

Was diagnosed positively in 2000. Am now 50 and retired seven years ago. Retrospectively I have been ill for about 20 years. It took forever to get the neurological referral and even then I was diagnosed with MS. Looking back at this posting it is astonishing to see how many of us come under the label of early onset Parkinson's.
Dad diagnosed in July 2011 aged 59 .. suffered from non motor symptoms for a while before developing a resting tremor in left hand this year..
Your words sum up exactly where i'm coming from.
DA's need to be kept up as long as possible under supervision
Early introduction of Levadopa especially at a young age should be avoided
As you say"Levadopa is now taking it's toll"
because"taken off DA's early".
Food for thought everybody
No DA's then no Levadopa for me,
The only logical choice.
I'm 63yrs old next month When I was first DX at 57 I felt like Id gone to bed one night and woke up an old lady.Well I wasn't having that.