What helps make a good day with PD?

What helps you have a good day with PD as some days are bad I can't work it out. 

Thanks ian


I find my days are best when I take my meds on time, drink strong black coffee, avoid stress, have a walk in the fresh air, avoid high protein foods an hour before/after my sinemet.  For me, this makes a good day.

Life happens though and the above aren't always practical and I do have some bad days.

wishing you well


Aye aye Ali 

thanks I seem to do all those things except I don't drink coffee but do drink black tea , today was a reallygood day but some days I can hardly walk I also take sinemet plus and 24 hour patches timing my Meds always , just wish I had a pattern I could follow for a good day. Thanks for your post 

Ian X 

Hi Ian....What makes a good day....well when i get up in the morning i feel about 300 years old!!! stiff, pained, nauseas, and generally c***! then the meds kick in and the good day begins....until 9.45am when the meds wear off! and so it goes on every 3 hours or so. 

I have always had a lot of energy and never know when to stop.....so i reckon i burn myself out because i cannot relax or pace myself.  We go away for short breaks locally fairly regularly with friends, and i have nothing to think about except enjoy being cooked for, waited on, quizes, dancing,shows etc. I come home absolutely knackered and it takes a good 3 days to get over it....but while away i feel good , so i guess that is what makes a good day or days for me.

Also i refuse to think about the future....my Husband had surgery 2 years ago for a Brain tumor, another for hydrocephallus, where a shunt was fitted into his head and Prostate Cancer, all at the same time. How we got through it all i will never know ....but now we both just enjoy our days together as much as possible and appreciate the good times. Sounds corny ay????

Keeeeeeeeeeeeep smiling young Ian....and make the most of the good days...but don't overdo it!! else you will end up like me haha!!!!!

luv Dolly xxxx


For me , Achieve but mindful not too overdo it.

Cheers dolly

i don't think about the future 98% of  the time but when I feel good everything seems to work so well then the next day i seem to go all wrong!  ,  am lucky not to have gone through what you're poor hubby has had to put up with, that's a lot to deal with. Your right to enjoy the good days all the best 

Ian x

Cheers sea angler seems to be not to over do things yet some say work hard ? 

 i meant too post this here lol

The other day i rushed about gathering timber from a dump, cleaned it up, and made a garden gate, might sound nothing but that was achieving, the following day(yesterday) i rushed about when my body said i was tired, i went to town, came home stripped 2 reels down, re filled, cleaned my gear, walked 2 miles, fished for 6 hr's , walked 2 miles home, put my gear away, cleaned up, sat down, did this , that, other, at the end of the night i got up of my bed to switch the light off.
I fell to the floor,my legs wern't going to the light switch, i crawled to it and crawled back to my bed 7 pulled the quilt and pillow off the bed.
I had over done it, i could hardly walk today.


Hi Ian and sea angler. 

 I get exactly where you are coming from. I've had three good but busy days on the trot but today I've hit the wall and feel knackered.

My feet feel like two extremely painful concrete blocks. It takes me about 10 painful steps to get moving then it's mostly a shuffle. I can't seem to reach a constant happy medium I find I need a nap midway through the day and am asleep on the sofa at 8. Bed around 10 but then wide awake by 4 am. Looking forward to hearing from someone who has the balance right. 

Cheers MBG66

Hello Ian

               New here but had a very good day yesterday, Costa coffee, understanding family,a sink full of dishes to wash, my sons salmon curry , yawning by 7.30 and no tremor for an hour. It was THE best day in ages................

             today though has been different.......


Aye aye Colin 

somtimes when I get up I feel normal for about two minutes, think you should get a dishwasher take it easy 

good luck ian

Yesterday I took my brothers out to lunch.It was my treat as im the rich brother,lol.

I could have done many selfish things instead but i chose duty.I even asked my wife to come but she declined.I didnt persue it knew it would be a fight,lol

Today i got up and looked at my watch.I had slept almost eight hours.Just what the doctored said best tonic for your nervous constitution is to do the thing you fear and hate to do as long as there is no danger,lol

people who have a weak nervous constitution tend to let their emotions run the show.The least stirring on apprehension,disappointment or resentment sends them on a panic.You can learn to overcome this weakness and not be bothered by trivialites.

There is a easy trick to this Ill share,

Supose you plan a event and are disappointed in the outcome ,a very common and average event for all of us.Your overcome with anger or self blame and who do you turn to.Well your invisable advisor.

Now you ask him or her what would their response would be to this turmoil.Their insight of course is unemotional and objective.If you take their view you have now insight and can move on/

Sounds to simple but it does work

Im experienting getting the right combiation with my c/l and comtan.Im feeling better than in along timewent on a 4 mile hike with plenty energy to spare.

Hope you are well 




I went and caught a fishy, catching a fishy produces adrenalin its good for the parky

Hi Seaangler

I like to fish also.I troll for salmon when they arrive here in summer.A short season but very exciting.I also fish for smaller fish  perch my favorite goor eating and bass are fun,I keep a few smallies for super.The walleye here excellent 

What fish do you favor?




hi John fellow angler

I Fish freshwater and salt, yesterday i fished for bass, I had intended to catch a bass using live bait so i put out a rod baited to catch some small whiting to use as live bait, on the other rod i put a whole squid on while i waited, before i could put my plan in place, the squid rod was away eventually a nice little bass about 4lbs or so rolled through the north westerly surf, and that was it for that session for me, high tide came and went it looked excellent for a bite but no lol, i returned the bass for someone else to enjoy we are only allowed to keep one for the table.

this week is set to be easterly winds which isn't too favourable so i'll give it a miss , it may bring in Codling(small cod upto 7lbs) after a good stir up, other than that i might i feel up too it go freshwater fishing, after a Perch(upto 3lbs) on float fished prawn or pick up a carp(upto mid 20lbs) ledgering.

Hi Seaangler

I live inland about 250 miles so I fish freshwater.I use to live in Conn.and fished for blackfish and cod and blues on charters.That was forty years ago and now there are few cod I hear.

I fish lake ontario which is world famous for trout and salmon.I have a trolling boat docked for the spring through fall fishing.Right now I fish off my boat docked as the browns and salmon are there now.I caught a 15 lb brown and some salmon there yesterday.Some fish are to heavy and cant be brought to net on light line(snall jig and bobber)but it sure is fun

id send you some pics if you send me your email.

Good fishing




I'm lucky i  live just a mile from the coast the east one that faces france/holland so i spose i have the best of both world's fresh & sea anytime i choose really, we're waiting and wondering if the cod will turn up this year, usually there are some caught by the begining of sept but even the boats 15 miles offshore arnt picking any up commercially, so this year could be slim picking's with whiting the main stay, some skate still about until the first frosts appear and they'll then move off the shoreline into deeper water for winter, there's also a 'dab' season over winter that comes into play around december too feb, a tastee flatfish that make quite good eating if you cant catch a good sized one.

We dont have too much in the way of trout in my area a couple of small fly fishing venues or the odd wild brown brook trout in few running streams, but i have never fished for them myself, I would pm you my email address but that doesnt seem available.


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Re photographs

I think it should be possible to put your fishy photos on the P UK flicker pages. Maybe make a new album for this topic? 




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