What is happening about ali j?

To the Forum Moderators/Admin,

What is the latest on the Ali J situation? It appears that the whole thread has been removed.

Whatever the truth is, Ali J has a lot of friends on here, several of whom posted messages for her.

We all still care, so I think we deserve to know what is going on. Any chance of an update?


no, my dear, no updates. Just another face saving batch of edits and bannings. On and on the forum goes, no apologies, no explanations. As a former victim of the awesome and destructive power of the chinese whisper machine I shake my head sadly and once again try to rebuild the shattered trust and confidence of a young woman, so carelessly discarded by the Spanish Inquisition of forums.
Good night.
hello,my mom is still in intensive care having another operation today,a would like to ask everyone who may be a friend to mom to think carefully before listerning to any gossip that is going around about us both.My mom is going to be devestated when she comes home and reads all the remarks that people have posted about her.thankyou .beci.
Dear all,
Thanks for your messages.

The thread ‘ali J is critically ill’ was removed overnight by a weekend moderator. This was because complaints were received and because some of the posts were insulting to forum members, which is against the guidelines. There was no way for us as moderators to know the truth of the situation.

We have suspended ali j’s account until she is able to confirm that she is writing in on her own.

We have no way of verifying the situation related to ali j’s health and so unfortunately, we cannot provide updates. However, we do wish ali j well whatever her circumstances.

What the?

I don't understand any of this. When I posted on that thread I thought I was
sending a message of genuine concern and support to Alij as did several other
people. What happened after that?

I don't know what to believe any more.
Hi all

When this kicked off yesterday it made Sue and I undertake our own research and we found a certain number of inconsistencies within Ali's postings in this forum and PD junction, that gave us cause for concern.

We previously did suspect that something wasn't right with Ali but we all have our problems and if this is one persons way of dealing with theirs and it wasn't causing any harm, so be it.

According to the moderator last night a full investigation will be undertaken to establish the truth after which a full public statement will be made.

To Alis friends,
You will be pleased to know that Alis latest operation, has gone according to plan.
Her official status is "comphy".
She thanks everyone for their support and we hope to see her back home at the weekend.
Thanks to all.
Hi Compost and all,

Please give my love to ALi J.....glad to hear she is on the mend. Please tell her there are those of us, out here in PD land (US & UK) that care about her!
I saw my doc today, still waiting for results...going to see the specialist this week, or next...had more tests...they think it might be Lyme disease, or some such illness....guess time will tell.

Lighting a candle for us all tonite.....

I am totally confused.THis morning i posted a letter of support to beci and ali and it was not printed ,instead the post from the administrator came on .I haven't been on this forum long but everyone appears totally genuine and it was good to talk to others about pd.But i really don't know if i will stay now. Disillusioned smiler.
Smiler - and anyone else feeling the same way - current circumstances are very unusual and very confusing for all. The moderators have to try and be fair to all and are doing their level best, I believe, to keep this site as it was intended to be. Please, don't be disillusioned - normality will soon return and hopefully we will know just what is going on.
The latest news from ALi is that she has had a restless night and is crushed to hear the behaviour of her.....friends on the forum.
Will those who spread the garbage around and verbally abused Ali so mercilessly,
please let me know what evidence they require to validate Alis claims;
The Kidney?
Sworn affadavit from surgeon?
Call me confused - all I've ever seen is messages from well wishers?????

............and who is Compost - I've seen three different people signing the bottom of their posts??
I to am confused !! never seen a bad word said about ali !!!Lots of questions need answering!!???smiler
Im sorry to all Alis true friends who have been caught up in this ridiculous business.
The short story is that Ali entered hospital last weekend for the removal of an malignant kidney. A story based on the flimsiest of evidence began circulating that Ali was not ill at all and was pretending to be Beci, Alis daughter, who was passing news of Ali to the forum. The thing got out of hand and responsible and influential people who ought to have known better fanned the flames and spread the story onto FACEBOOK, using the flimsiest of evidence to keep the thing going.
The upshot of it all at the moment, is that ALi is lying devastated in hospital and her good friends and family too, are left with the task of rebuilding Alis reputation and popularity.
Sorry for any past confusion and hope that you understand a bit whats going on.
Thank you
There are a f ew people keeping an eye out for Ali and you may see contributions from different names
I am totally confused with whats been going on but I want Ali to know that she has good friends on this site sending all their love and support and I for one really miss her postings. Get well soon Ali
LOL Reneex
Thank you. Renee.
All I care about is that Ali is okay, and will look forward to her postings.
When I heard Ali j had a bad experience with her op; I didn't know
what to post. Now with the rumour mongers spreading the evil word,
things are getting more upsetting for her fellow surfers. Never mind
the mud slingers Ali, I'm sure there's more well wishers than them.
Battle on Ali; can't wait for you to get back to the tea room for a
cuppa and chat.

These past few days have been very confusing but I just want to say Ali that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to chatting again.
Lizzy xx
I am still here ali wishing you a speedy recovery don't understand folk sometimes but i join all your friends sending you love and hugs:smile:smiler.