Why so few?

why so few people post on the forum ? parkinsons is universal and almost every country on the planet has access to the net. i know not every sufferer speaks english .even if this forum is "busy" only 10 or so people logged on & 150ish guests , very few for a world wide audience to possibly the planets most influencial parkinsons disease "firm"

There are dozens of PD sites worldwide, lots of which have forums.

The most popular seem to have everything available here, PLUS proper interactive chat rooms where groups of members can talk together "live" on the same page, private 1-to-1 instant messaging, and the ability to up/download photos, music, videos, etc.

Many people use THIS forum as an information base, but others for socialising and asking/answering PD questions.

So few because so few.
A few dominate. People are averse to domination.
Sounds like a cue for a song: A VERSE TO DOMINATION.

What upcoming young poet wants to take this on?

Hi rubbish.I think the reason so few join the forum is because it's heart breaking, I have had Parkinsons for 10 years and I am very positive and in control of my symptoms, But it really hits me hard when I read some of the problems my fellow sufferers are having to live with and I know how little normal people know what we are going through.

all the best Mosssy41
I like the forum being small and local i know there are bigger and better forums and i imagine some of us are using them as well as this one. Sometimes i wonder why we are being secretive about our identitys.I never know if its ok to ask anyone anything other than PD. But i suppose at the end of the day this is not a club i have to except it's a Parkinson's forum. But i don't mind anybody knowing who i am but it feels risky saying i live in the West Midlands and my name is John. That feels like a step to far.
Always remember the forum is in the public domain, so if anyone in the world were to do a Google search for information on dopamine agonists (for example), any reference to DAs stored here would appear on their results list, along with other data from elsewhere.

That's great, but by the same token any one of those 6 billion can also read every single word we post. If I were to invent a word: cumpoggskweej for example, you could Google that word from anywhere in the world and come straight back here. The web is unbelievably powerful, and can find all publicly-available references to a single keyword or phrase, from anywhere in the world, in seconds.

So beware! Having found your nickname (or worse, your real name and/or location) any old hacker can then read everything you've ever entered and all responses to those points. From there they're off into the web with your information, linking up anything you've ever done electronically, or which others have input about you.

Yes i suppose your right i can i can see your point it's a funny old electronic world. one consolation looking at the advancement in electronics gives me hope with the advancement wlth teatments.
This is THE forum to be on.... valuable information, links to everything a pwp needs and any amount of friends. Speaking personally it fits like an old cumfy slipper. I have tried other more up-to-date forums but I find the navigation and unlimited opportunities to participate in blogs, videos, etc. too exhausting at my age; good luck to the younger members.
Same here Mary - far too complex & less info. We elephants always return to the same place to die!!!

Merve you know on any forum there are always far more watchers than posties and this forum is unique when people loose ability to operate a key board but can still read the posts. There are others put off by the very nature of of some posts
This is Rubbish's thread, Rob, shouldn't you be addressing him/her? I've said my bit, in good faith.
Sorry i mixed you up with rubbish on this thread and it wasnt my intention m8........... My sincere apologies:flushed::rolling_eyes:
No prob! :laughing:
My sentiments too Rob! :grin:

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