Hi Keith
You keep your pecker up
I reckon some sort of diverter valve
from your nose should do the job nicely take care TOMMY :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Keith, take care chuck keep popping those pills, we’ll all be rattling in a bit! x


Hi All
laying here wishing i was somewhere else but atleast i havent had a nose bleed today
im not a very good patient , but thats all im going to say on that
ITS MYBIRTHDAY tomorrow , cant believe im 21 again lol
worst part about that is , kay had to remind me, i thought the 18th was on thursday
oh by the way TOMMY
With my high blood pressure my pecker is always up :tent:dont have a choice, but asleast i dont fall out of bed ,
im in good spirits considering where i am , the beds comfortable , the nurses are lovely and hopefully the 2 other guys in this room wont snore like a sailor with emphysema.
The night staff have started and been round , i told them i dont sleep at night so if tea is made i wouldnt say no , one called me cheeky obviously she hadnt noticed my high blood pressure otherwise cheeky is not a word she would have used lol
no doult i will be on and off in the night so till then be happy turn your frown upside down ( sorry Rosie i used your quote )
see everyone a bit later
free WIFI here as mobile phones are not allowed on the wing
but with wifi can use whatsapp and skype and snapchat so at least im not cut off
can hear the tea trolley coming for last cuppa
i’ll be back shortly
thinkng about all of you


Get sorted real soon.you are in my thoughts xx


Take it easy man!
Ride the storm.Whichever way you can.


Hi hubby
As usual I’m still awake
Nurses are great. A nurse looked in saw I was still awake watching TV on my tablet
Just brought me in a cuppa tea
Thankfully the other 2 guys in this room don’t snore
Keep you updated


Its about this time that i have either dropped off to sleep or nearly
BUT not today, 4am and still wide awake ,
Must admit its getting silly now ,
A decent nights kip is all i ask , to sleep like normal person


Hi itsmylif

Well you know I am the same no sleep and it feels like I just need some, on top of that I look like something out of walking dead, I get that nap for around 5-10 mints but it’s like I have had 10hours .

Kind regards Raz


Morning friends have had about 4 hours sleep. This is terrible, hopefully get a couple of hours later. Hoping itsa better day than yesterday. Thanks Tommy for showing me how to get rid of my picture. Have a good day all. X x x


Hi all
Just want to share something I was told this morning
My youngest son is wiser than his years
I never thought of taking advice from someone who should do as I tell them
But this morning my son told me
In life there are many choices
He doesn’t like it when I feeling down
He said I have 3 choices to make


You only lose if you don’t fight
Those are the words of a 17 yr old

I’m not normally lost for words
So from today I’m going to fight


That’s totally opposite of most of the advice I received last week
I wish I could have spoken to your son then .
I could have had a good old fashioned riot and maybe even you two to join me HA HA :pill: Tommy


I felt like a kid in school being told off by the head master
I was shocked and speechless at the same time
Couldn’t even think of anything sarcastic to reply
I think it’s been brewing in him since I went back to hospital
Said it’s easy to die but better to live and if I done more and went out more I might realise it
I think he said just enough without crossing the line or pissing me off
My boy is brave he knows from the past how easy it is to get my back up
But I didn’t because deep down its true
And they do say
Although he didn’t wait around for the out come
I admit NO SHAME
I’ve tried phoning him at work to thank him but he won’t answer.
I know what time he goes to dinner and where
Gonna hug him and thank him
I might even pay for his food


I know we’re talking about a different kind of fight.
But however I’m off to Sainsbury’s soon and I PREDICT A RIOT.


I don’t know if I have any more fight left in me.
I’m so fed up with this PD. Go to see neurologist on 3 Aug. To see what’s next.
Feeling I will be in for a long time.

I’m off out for coffee with one of my friends.so I’ve dressed myself up got the makeup on and still feel terrible .don’t know what’s happening to me. X x x


Hope you have a
good afternoon


Hi princess
Tommy is having a problem repling to your message


Hi tommy
You’re having problems
As you can tell ive told her


Hi Keith

Your son is so grown up.
You need to take his advise.
He cares about you so much.

My sister has been in helping me for a wee while and gave
me a few words of advise.
We are really close so I can tell her how I’m feeling.

So taking it on board and going to try and be the positive person that they see. and as you say fighting this bugger

So I’m on board.!!!

X x x


Hi babs
I went and met Ryan when he went to lunch
I asked why he didnt answer when i called
He thought i was going to tell him off
I told him he was a man standing up to me
he asked me to stay and meet his work mates
So i did , they didnt seem afraid and asked me questions
Which i answered
I ended up paying and after he gave me a hug that surprised me as he mates were still there
I felt proud of him , he is the man i want him to be


I’m having problems now crying happy tears I can’t see my screen
after reading you and Babswood,s
Posts oh I’m such a woos.
Anyway I still think that text was funny