I’m full of emulsion x x just cause I’ve been painting in the pink.


Yes very good
But I still think my joke on the text was better even though that Kieth character obviously didn’t
Even Soo thought it was funny


Whit text ?


The wan when I said the forum wasn’t working it wouldn’t let me use a ,b, or an,s, and I said that’s bull*** t
Is it only me that got that?


Good for you Keith looks like I, m fighting with you going to see live band with my cousin Fri night first time I, ve been out at night for 3yrs oweingto being there for dad know I, ll suffer sat and sun but WHO Cares so if your reading this Babs Don, t you give up you gave me a lift when I needed it so I, m here for you as I am for Keith and Tommy


Thanks Peter and Mam
Hope you enjoy the night out


Hey Bruv you are very quiet tonight
are you ok,?


Im good just finding B+Bs in Glasgow for when I pop up to meet Babs and Phil
But I may stay at a travel lodge near the bus station
Not bad prices
Want to spend at least 3 days as there’s alot to see


I think I will sleep tonight done quite a bit
Blood pressure is pretty good not perfect
So for at least I should sleep well


Good I thought you might be feeling ill.
Suzanne had low blood sugar early this morning and again tonight but not as bad managed to sort it easily tonight as I caught it early but early this morning wasn’t so easy as she required emergency injection I hate needles but managed to sort it without 111.
She’s gone to bed now but Sammy is very good even if I’m asleep he lies on my head when there’s a problem he’s my little alarm.


Hi Tommy
Well I guess I was wrong
Sleep passed me by again tonight
I’m really glad Sue is ok
Blood pressure is hard thing to control once it gets out of control
Blood pressures up just slightly but it’s making me sweat and I’m throwing so much body heat Kay can’t sleep with me in bed
But I have to give these new tablets time to work
Other than that I’m great
Be on more tomorrow speak later bruv


Sorry to hear that Bruv I was hoping you’re stay in hospital would sort you out with the correct meds and proper dosage


Morning Tommy

Give Suzanne my best wishes sorry to hear that she was not too good last night.

Well off to hospital shortly to get my BOTOX injections.

Another night only 4 hrs sleep.

I sound like a pure moan.at least I can go back to bed this afternoon.

Hubby finishes up next week for summer hols so going down south.i think he is so ready for a holiday.

Have good day
Ma Cronie

Babs x x x


Morning Keith like you I’m not getting much sleep the past 2 nights.

Feeling a lot better today must be the fact it’s Friday thank CRUNCHIE.

Have a good ma China

Babs x x x


By the way Tommy tell Suzanne I love her pink cushions.x x x


Morning Bruv
I dropped about 5am . Just woke up . My blood pressure sweeties can take about 5 days to take over
Checked my BP at 9am it’s 128 / 84
So that’s good
Also no more nose bleeds . That’s a good sign to
Just about to have my ablutions then to the library
Tell you about it later it’s a long story
Take care bruv


Hi Peter.

Hows Mam today.?

Mind I’m here if you need a chat x

Take Care


Hi Babs sorry for late reply been to see Queen tribute band with my cousin bit deaf at the minute mam, s OK really tired tho. thanks for being there means a lot


Congratulations on your first night out in years hope you enjoyed the Queen tribute band and the fat bottomed girls I know you are a bit deaf at the moment so you’ll notice that I’ve written this in braille (was that the right thing to do) I don’t know anyhoo regards to Mam .
Sleep well friend TOMMY :pill::crab:


Thanks Tommy I want to ride my bicycle but I, ll have to go to bed as I, ve taken my oil and Don, t want to lose my licence mam, s already gone to bed but is grateful you all ask after her she has kidney clinic app. Monday afternoon I, m deaf and knackered now catch up tomorrow sleep well mate pete