Nightmares and hallucinations

May I ask how old you are Jennyb I am 53yrs old and would like an active night (oh you mean active as in night mare's sorry I got excited and was going to ask what your secret is )( naughty) may be I should not have said that oh what the hell I have said it now.

my OH is having disturbed sleep too, thinking there's somebody in the bedroom at night, he's also very withdrawn at the minute,I'm going to phone our consultant tomorow to see if we could add Clonazepam.
It seems to work for you two.
thanks for the comments xx
hi i also have have dreams alot,some worse than others,i see the cat walking across the top of the bedroom door the other day,i still have bad dreams about my attack which happined few weeks back now,but i guess that still normal,hope they fade.i have dreams about my child hood alot.and then it can be a man chasing me down a dark aly and there is no end to the aly,but i always wake before he catches me,this dream has been a regular one with me for along time,i dont understand how some dreams can return to you differnt nites of the week.:fearful:
Hi Mommah
I'm 63 AND HUSBAND IS 71 - he's awake when I;m asleep and I'm awake when he's snoring so your version of "active Night" is more of a NO-GO than a GO-GO!!!!!

Hi Ali
I think the waking dreams are the worst thing as they trick your mind into believing they are true. I hope you soon manage to find some release from reliving your horrendous attack.

PS SLept like a log last night so maybe I should try staying awake alternate nights just to sleep well the next night!!
thanks jenny for your kindness x:smile:
Hi,I am a newbie to the PD 'Club' and yes i did have a disturbed time @ nights on the way to where i am, but thankfully I seem to have stabilised. (for the time being).

what gives me the shivers is all the meds you guys are on ! surely they interact to some extent, it look like the DR's cannot find a cure and are meely trying out layer on layer of 'cures' for your various symptoms?
Hi CW,
Welcome to the club.
You're right, no 'cure' as yet, but many manage a good quality of life with the aid of our 'chemical helpers'.
Main thing to remember, we all are having different experiences and some symptoms which trouble others, you may never get a sniff off.
This site is very good to come to when you come across things you are unsure of. There's always someone who generously shares their experience , and this is often a help.
My sleeplessness is often helped by the consumption of a jam sandwich , which I'm off to prepare now. My only dilemma being : should I choose Raspberry or Blackcurrant ?
All the best.
I can cope with most of the symptoms of PD and have now got a good balance of meds which give me a useful life. But I cannot cope with delusions, weird dreams and hallucinations which leave me drained the next day. I am scared of adding another med to the mix in case it uspset the balance I have achieved so I am torn between a rock and a hard place.

I think I will have to take this to my PD nurse for discussion. Everyone is different and has different needs but it is so useful to talk to others going through similar experiences so that we can share what works and doesn't work for one person but might for another.
Hi Jennyb,
This is where the forum is so helpful. We can benefit from other's experiences. It 's unusual for me, but I was so desperate for 'normal' sleep , that I purposely did not read the accompanying literature before I took the first dose of Clonazepan.
I did however read it a few days later when I knew it was making a difference!
I was amazed to see that it's most commonly used with children, to control epilepsy.
Also, low doses of the drug are very effective in R.E.M.B.D. (Rapid eye movement behavioural disorder)
For more detailed notes see Wikopedia -- there's pages and pages !
As I said, I hurt my knee , on one of the night's activities and that's caused me more bother than the P's
So I'd say , don't hesitate, get advice , and Sleep. . . . . . . . . .
We have been going through the same experience . The last three night I stopped giving my husband his 10mg Amitriptyline . NO HALLUCINATIONS That is SO FAR will keep you informed .
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Rasberry or strawberry, what a dilemma.
I have been in the habit of having a couple of biscuits before I go to bed in the belief that it helps me sleep. Recently I have had to knock that out because the dry biscuits affected my throat/swallowing and I was coughing a lot and taking throat sweets. I would go from raspberry everytime my favourite fruit.
HI Lorna
I fell out of bed, smashed my chin on the bedside table and had the most horrendous black, blue and green bruise for weeks!! Family joke was that the dog had attacked me (the dog being our nickname for PD).

Hi Johnnie
Amytriptilene is probably causing some of the dreams but I can't stop it as it controls my bladder at nighttime and stops the muscle cramps in my legs. I think I need to play around with my drug timings as well as having a chat with thePD nurse about my dreams. I'm very stressed at the moment as we are having an extension built on our bungalow and the constant noise, dust and other people makes it hard to relax so perhaps its not a good time at the moment to play with the drugs or add new ones.

Many thanks for all the support and suggsstions.
Hi JennyB The noise and stress would certainly make it worse . My husband didn't sleep as well last night . Told me he saw a man in a grey suit at the bottom of my bed He said Good morning to him and he replied the same then dissapeared .
Have you thought about getting a profile/hospital bed . I say profile because apart from raising the head / foot of the bed you can also lower or raise the bed Much easier to get into and when lowered not as far to fall lol That is if you don'y use the side rails

I was going to buy one ourselves but was not sure how much help it would be .

We had already indtalled a stairlift , money well spent, and a walk in shower .

We consider ourselves very lucky to have been given one on long term loan through our district nurses . It is a tremendous help to us .. They come with side rails .

Not the prettiests beds but I have put a single bed in the same room for myself . We both get a less worrying night .
Hi everyone
Iim on alot of meds that make me drowsy in the day but I'm more alert after ten pm and awake till four I get 1 or 2 hours sleep a night.any ideas what' I could do.thanks.john
Hello All
Jennyb Lorna Mommah sooo ali j you all have my utmost sympathy ,diagnosed in 1999 age 49 and since that day I have tried every possible combination of Anti PD drugs, the excellent Professor who always tries to fit me in on clinic day , so he can be updated on what is a very Complex PD. All the Consultants and Nurse Specialists at North Tyneside Genral are first class and I know it frustrates them knowing that in my case at least the night terrors visions and hallucinations will simply have to be endured, however all is not lost my Parky Friends, you will have heard of CBT , a therapy which actually works for me when in the grip of even the worst Night Terror . Schooled in CBT by a perceptive Psychologist over a 5yr period, it didn't take 5 yr to learn the technique, only about a year before the penny dropped , and the whole idea was to combat severe depression which it did but more importantly it works when I dream, spooky aint it
It works like this, the dreams are so realistic I look upon them as a Parallel
Universe ,a place I go to when I sleep, No Im not bonkers,the creatures and horrible people I encounter have limited boundaries which they cannot breach I on the other hand can and do choose to wake up, yes I may be woken by my own scream but it is now more likely to be me taunting them rather than of fear I know they cannot follow ,I win every time and the more it happens the tougher I become in fact the worse dreams for me are the nice gentle ones, I am walking in the Cheviot Hills with my Wife and Daughters ,Son in Laws and all my Grandchildren not forgetting Betty and Jasper, Betty is a Choodle Jasper a fine5yr old boxer
the sun is warm and all is right with the world, then I wake, usually in pain and the realization that it was only a dream is very distressing, but Heh Ho onward and upward don't even look back they cannot follow, ever. Try and learn the trick It really does work astonishing though it may seem.
My drugs are Madopar 125mg 14per day,Tolcapone 3 1oomg plus a couple more which I need to combat Prostate Cancer, its a wonder I don't rattle.
I wish you all a peacefull restfull sleep, Kindest Regards fedexlike :grin:
I fell out of bed for the first time last night and thought I would check the forum to see if it was another deveopment in PD. It was helpful to hear of others experiences. Normally I sleep very well and often wake up in the same position as I go to sleep. I was aware in the dream of banging my head on something. It was only when I woke in the morning that I discovered a battered jigsaw box that I was going to give my granddaughter for christmas. Being a widow I don't have anyone to tell me what I actually get up to in the night!
Thank you forum
I throw myself out of bed often some distance.always accompanied by a very scary dream about falling. OH has given up trying to share a bed. fortunately we have another room. as soon as i fall i wake up and realise what i veryo done ,rub any sore bits of body and go soundly to sleep. neuro suggested clonazepam but will hold fire for a bit.
I also suffer from restless legs which stop me getting to sleep and once I'm there I then have REM behavioral disorder. Mrs eck has videos of me on her phone sitting up, eyes open and laughing. Mrs Eck sometimes watches The Chase and a couple of times I shout out the answers in between snores (I have narrow nasal passages).

In dreams I have fought in World War 2, however instead of Swastikas, the opposing soldiers wore Borussia Mönchengladbach badges(??).

I have also split my head open when trying to escape from a ski lift that was heading over the edge of a mountain. This all leaves me pretty exausted.

I saw a series of BBC documentaries about sleeping disorders which showed a chap with PD who had REM sleep disorder. It explained that the part of the brain which disables your body, so you dont act out dreams, doesn't get the message that you are sleeping. Clomazepam is the very thing for switching it on, and you off.

I had to experiment with the doze (geddit) but it does work. Just watch out regards driving etc. Initial doses left me dozy all day (Mrs Eck didn't notice any difference, dampt cheek and impertinence of the woman).

I have just started Clonazepam 500mcg… Prior to that I was taking 3.75 Zopiclone and 10 mg of Amitriptyline which I stopped cold turkey last night in favour of the Clonazepam. I had terrible nightmares and was shaking worse than ever, woke at 6am for about the 5th time in a full blown panic attack… Slept for about another hour and got up just after 8am… I showered and started to feel much better, however I am concerned about the nights and wondered if anyone else has had problems switching from these meds? I have Parkinson’s and am 75…Live on my own too… scary… My GP is only available by phone on Thursdays so I would appreciate any helpful experienced comments… Thanks Roz