Today was a good day

Well done Liverpool 1956. Good luck for the sponsored walk. I hope the training pays dividends on the day

Hello PaulDB
What a lovely post, there is such strength if you are able to support each other.

Today was a good day because we saw a wonderful unexpected sight. We were walking across a small bridge near a lovely cafe that is staffed by people with learning difficulties and is always fun and having just enjoyed a morning cuppa sitting in the sun when we spotted this very close to the bridge. A coot with two tiny rainbow headed, fluffy bodied babies. While we watched both went into the water just a couple of inches from the nest and managed to scramble out safely, Mum moved and we saw she was sitting on an unhatched egg. Dad was coming and going with food and at one point saw off a swan that came to close. Absolutely amazing and what a privilege to see it all so close to us.


This is just following on from my post of yesterday. This fabulous photo was taken by the husband of a friend. It may just be the photo but it already looks different to what appeared to be the very newly born chicks we saw yesterday.

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Today was a good day because I somehow managed to walk over 7000 steps. Usually I’m happy to have done 3000.


Brilliant very well done Alfsnan

Today was a good day for remembering just how fantastic technology is
when it is so much a part of most people’s lives. My friend has an elderly uncle in Australia who is not that well just now and was out of his favourite biscuits. My friend did an online shop here in the UK for delivery to her uncle. if you stop to think about it, that’s awesome


Thanks @Tot. Training steps up a gear this week. Getting a heavy duty stroller so should be able to get out and about more.

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You’re doing well. When’s the big day?
Hope you get on OK with your new heavy duty piece of kit.

@Tot the big walk is 24th September in Cardiff. Just got to keep walking.


I know it’s late but yesterday was a great day. I got my stroller and went for a 2-3 mile walk. Did some shopping too.
Best of all was the full moon.


Today was a good day because this month sees the first anniversary of this thread, which always seems to make the day brighter when a new post goes up sharing some good news or achievement about their day, whether something momentous or a tiny detail. Thanks to all contributors and the many more who have viewed these pages. Even with the challenge of Parkinson’s life can still be good if we take a moment to see it and even better, share it.


Happy anniversary to this amazing and uplifting thread! I hope it continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face. :partying_face: :blue_heart:


A whole year already. Fantastic. Great idea of yours, Tot.

Today is a good day for me….because….where I am…

The sun is shining
Through showers of rain
The sun disappears
But comes back again.
It is good for us
A little of each
The children once more
Can play on the beach.
Others can set off
Be it rain or shine
Walk in the country
Dig garden while fine.
Today is so good
Nothing is better
In this here our land
Than real good weather.

I love the mix. EMx


My son told me of a conversation he heard on a bus in Edinburgh between father and son. They had been given a flyer for a comedian’s show in the festival fringe.
Boy: What is a comedian?
Dad: They make people laugh, they get paid good money for telling jokes, and people laugh.
Boy: Could I be a comedian?
Dad:I suppose you might… you never know what’s coming in the future.
Boy: You never know. But I don’t think I will be a comedian.
Dad: Why not?
Boy: Well, I haven’t got green eyes.
Dad(laughing) You don’t need to have green eyes, you can have any colour eyes – blue, brown anything.
Boy: Well, I made you laugh, so I suppose I could give it a go.


Saturday was a good day, went to Newmillerdam lakeside art fair. Took my mosaics and paintings and my Daughter in law to be supported me. everyone was so friendly. And I sold a mosaic and some greeting cards. A percentage of the sale goes to PD UK. So sent over £26.00 today…
every little bit helps ongoing



Well done Esme your stall looks great