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Hi Martin

You are most welcome , I must say many times when I need to talk to someone about what I am going though I all ways get a answer and with in that answer I get hope and see that I can do it too, so good luck and keep in touch .
Kind regards Raz


Hi there ~ Iā€™m Claire and my dad is the Parkinsonā€™s sufferer; bit of a tale of woe because he was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis a week after my parentsā€™ Golden Wedding anniversary last June and lost sight in his left eye. He started to get shaky and had a repetitive bouts of a bad hallucination where he was fighting his way out from a dark house in a wood! We knew nothing about Parkinsonā€™s and thought his symptoms were part of the Arteritis; trying to get a diagnosis was difficult till we went private and saw a neurologist who confirmed it was Parkinsonā€™s, which had been fast-forwarded by the Arteritis. Heā€™s bedridden and needs full nursing care so is moving to a nursing home in next few days. Just horrible to see how vile this disease is!!!


My name is Chas and I have had Parkinsonā€™s for 4 years, my older brother also has Parkinsonā€™s as did my father. I have been told that it is does not run in the family, and I would be interested to know if there are any other family linked cases.
Regards. Chas


Hi, There clearly must be some family connection. I was diagnosed in 2011 and both my older brother and sister (now deceased) also suffered from PD. Others who contribute to this forum have reported in the past of more than one PD within the family. Gerrard


Thanks Gerrard, I have just been out to lunch with my brother and I showed him your response and he is going to join up to the forum . Chas