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Hi Martin

You are most welcome , I must say many times when I need to talk to someone about what I am going though I all ways get a answer and with in that answer I get hope and see that I can do it too, so good luck and keep in touch .
Kind regards Raz


Hi there ~ I’m Claire and my dad is the Parkinson’s sufferer; bit of a tale of woe because he was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis a week after my parents’ Golden Wedding anniversary last June and lost sight in his left eye. He started to get shaky and had a repetitive bouts of a bad hallucination where he was fighting his way out from a dark house in a wood! We knew nothing about Parkinson’s and thought his symptoms were part of the Arteritis; trying to get a diagnosis was difficult till we went private and saw a neurologist who confirmed it was Parkinson’s, which had been fast-forwarded by the Arteritis. He’s bedridden and needs full nursing care so is moving to a nursing home in next few days. Just horrible to see how vile this disease is!!!